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We are a family ornamental tree and shrub nursery, mainly growing pur line species (non cultivated). We grow trees using  an advanced growing BCC system with fixed wall and ribs, side slot and Air Cell / AirBlock systems with active root guidance, that prevent root deformation. We also grow the plants in containers with a minimum volume of 3 liters. They are rooted covered seedlings, grown exclusively from seeds.

Where our seedlings will be used

These seedlings are particularly suitable for large-scale planting of ornamental trees, such as transport infrastructure, for Christmas tree plantations, for gardeners to grow, or as a base material, as well as for small consumers. They find use where it does not matter the initial growth of plants, but the economic planting a functional root system at the final site and on plants of the highest possible quality. These are seedlings with a prerequisite for healthy growth, longevity and weather and climatic resistance.

What else we offer

Furthermore, we may offer containerized plants that may be additionally labeled as required, such as your logo, barcode, price, or any other chosen method.

How to trade with us

In case you are a wholesale customer, do not hesitate to contact us with your demand. For retail we have available our e-shop www.zahradnictvi-hajek.cz, where you can see our current offer.

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Bobrovnická 24/38

725 28 Ostrava

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 720 186 106 

Email: vahamo@vahamo.cz